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Using AI to Boost Your Automation Efforts

At BP3, our team have been using AI to automate complex business processes for over 30 years. From simple rules-based models to custom-trained machine learning models – and now generative AI – our mission is to find you a faster and better way to do the things that drive your business.

We use a combination of your knowledge of your own processes, our expertise in automation and technology, off-the-shelf or customised software, and bespoke systems that we build and integrate with yours – whatever it takes to the job done.

Our AI-powered automations will help you overcome operational inefficiencies, make consistent decisions, unlock and leverage your data, and make you more flexible, adaptable and cost-effective in today’s complex and fast-changing world.

We leverage a combination of your existing organizational processes, our own proficiency in automation and technological advancements, off-the-shelf or tailored software solutions, and bespoke systems developed and integrated in-house. Our objective is to effectively address your operational requirements.

Employing AI-driven automations, we assist in rectifying operational inefficiencies, ensuring uniform decision-making processes, harnessing and capitalizing on your data resources, and enhancing your agility, adaptability, and cost-effectiveness in the dynamic and rapidly evolving contemporary landscape.


Are you Encountering These Prevalent Business Challenges?

  • Manual, Time-Consuming Processes: Engaging in repetitive tasks and relying heavily on manual efforts not only decelerates operational processes but also inflates costs, fostering bottlenecks.

  • Inconsistent Decision-Making: Decisions based on intuition or without comprehensive data analysis often result in errors, missed opportunities, and unpredictable outcomes.

  • Difficulty Extracting Insights from Complex Data: Despite the abundance of unstructured data, organizations frequently encounter challenges in extracting valuable insights, hindering informed decision-making.

  • Adapting to Changing Market Conditions: Rigid processes and systems struggle to keep pace with the dynamic nature of customer preferences, technological advancements, and market fluctuations.

  • Skills Gaps in AI: A shortage of internal expertise in AI hampers organizations' capacity to fully harness its potential, limiting their ability to tackle intricate challenges and foster innovation effectively.


Case Study: Streamlining Invoice Processing for Faster, Error-Free Results

The Challenge

A large insurance provider struggled with a slow invoice processing system, leading to delays, customer dissatisfaction, and increased operational costs.

The Solution

BP3 developed a custom Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) solution integrating best-in-class AI models to automate data extraction, classification, and validation, significantly streamlining the process.

The Result

  • Processed 6,000 invoices a day
  • Reduce human effort in processing invoices by over 50%
  • Significant decrease in manual errors
  • Improved customer experience with faster processing



Unlocking Your Potential With BP3

At BP3 we hold with Gartner’s description of AI as “applying advanced analysis and logic-based techniques, including machine learning, to interpret events, support and automate decisions and take action.”

AI is simply a collection of tools and techniques that we apply to elevate the intelligence of our automations. This makes them more efficient, accurate, cost-effective, and applicable in a broader range of domains.

AI represents a suite of tools and methodologies that we deploy to enhance the intelligence of our automation solutions. This renders your systems more efficient, precise, cost-effective, and adaptable across diverse domains.

BP3’s role is to establish long-term partnerships with organisations to understand their distinct challenges and craft bespoke AI-driven automation solutions that optimize your processes, improve decision-making, and drive efficiency.


BP3's Approach to AI and Automation

  • AI Strategy Development: Assisting organizations understand the potential of AI to improve automation in their specific context, developing a roadmap for maximizing its impact.

  • AI Solution Design and Implementation: Designing & implementing custom automation solutions that use AI, tailored to your specific challenges, and seamlessly integrating into your existing systems.

  • Automation Optimization: Leveraging AI techniques to elevate existing automations and create new, more capable ones, enhancing their efficiency and intelligence.

  • Data Analytics and Insights: Transforming your structured and unstructured data into actionable insights, driving informed decision-making across the organization.

  • Change Management and Training: Supporting smooth adoption of new technologies, empowering your workforce to fully utilize and embrace AI capabilities, bearing in mind that “managers live with problems rather than accept solutions they can’t understand.” - Gene Woolsey


Why Choose BP3?

  • Strategic Focus: We align AI solutions with your business priorities, ensuring a direct impact on your bottom line.

  • Experience and Expertise: Our 30 years of experience in applied AI and our team of experts guarantee cutting-edge solutions tailored to your needs.

  • Value Realization: We focus on measurable outcomes, quantifying the value AI brings to your organization.

  • Proactive Support: We provide ongoing support and guidance to ensure the success and continued optimization of your AI solutions.


BP3’s AI Technology Solutions

We use a variety of AI techniques and tools to make your automations as smart, accurate and effective as possible. These include:



    • Business Policies that articulate how a decision is made

Use Cases

    • Eligibility, Pricing, Patient Treatment Protocols

Associated Technologies

    • DMN Decision Automation Implementation Framework


    • Deciding out of all possible decisions which is the best

Use Cases

    • Planning and Scheduling, Transportation routing

Associated Technologies

    • Linear and Mixed-integer Programming, Constraint Programming


    • Data that has been shown to be Predictive of Particular outcome

Use Cases

    • Text Classification, Data Extraction, Predictive Analytics

Associated Technologies

    • Intelligent Document Processing


    • Human Language "prompt" for the question or task at hand

Use Cases

    • Text Summarization, querying, complex data, content generation

Associated Technologies

    • Chat GPT, Gemini Advanced, custom-trained LLM's


    • Orchestration of tasks between multiple Generative Al agents

Use Cases

    • Email Classification and Data Extraction, Application evaluation, Document Understanding

Associated Technologies

    • Generative Al Orchestrated Agency




Future-Proof Your Business with BP3

Artificial intelligence is accelerating at a rapid pace, yet. We are using technologies today that didn’t even have a name last year. yet we continue to employ techniques today that were developed more than 30 years ago, why, because they work.

Our multi-disciplinary approach to developing whatever AI solution is needed to make your automations work ensures we stay ahead of the curve and keep your business adaptable and prepared for the future.

Our multi-disciplinary approach to crafting tailored AI solutions for your automation needs ensures that we remain at the forefront of innovation, keeping your business adaptable and primed for the challenges of tomorrow – many which are yet to be invent.



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