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RPA Robotic Process Automation | Automate Business Processes

BP3 Global, Inc. delivers Robotic Process Automation (RPA) services and solutions to clients in North America and Europe encompassing the full lifecycle of designing, architecting, integrating, and supporting successful automation programs. We help clients transform their processes enabling companies to save a substantial amount of time and money and react more quickly to changing customer and market demands.

Robotic Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a technology that involves the use of software robots or bots to perform tasks that were initially performed by humans. BP3 works with software vendors like Automation Anywhere, Blueprism, and UI Path to orchestrate work across back-end systems that are hidden from users.  Robotic Process Automation is often used to integrate legacy systems where integrations are not readily available. Instead of building these back-end integrations RPA utilizes the front-end interfaces for automation. An RPA bot will interact with the computer desktop and windows, as if it were a human worker, and perform the tasks that a human would normally perform.

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Use Robotic Process Automation and Robotic Desktop Automation to Optimize Your Business Processes

The difference between RPA (Robotic Process Automation) and RDA (Robotic Desktop Automation) is human involvement. RDA runs with human interaction, while RPA runs at a system level. Essentially, RDA starts when a human starts or interacts with the bot. This is often used for “start my day” processes or logging you into all systems. Some people believe RPA needs no human interaction but RPA often still needs human input like strict rules, goals, and pre-defined processes to follow. Today most of the RPA platforms, like Automation Anywhere, Blue Prism, and Ui Path,  have matured to the point where they have robotic desktop automation capabilities. When you combine both RDA and RPA and run them simultaneously, you’ll get the highest business impact and the most out of your automation bots

RPA Discovery Workshop - Understand The Opportunities for RPA and Intelligent Automation

BP3 Robotic Process Automation Discovery Workshop is the first step to help clients to discover and capture the opportunities within their organization for intelligent processes automation. The program helps clients jump-start their efforts to capture the operational processes, workflows, and inefficiencies of current operations and how to deliver value to customers. This expert-led workshop leaves the business executives with a clear vision of how to measure the total value of an enterprise automation program and its impact on the bottom line. We offer a FREE one-day RPA discovery workshop

Intelligent Automation - Combine RPA with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

When you combine Robotic Process Automation with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for end-to-end Business Processes optimization  it   creates the opportunity to expand the impact of business process automation across the enterprise. Intelligent automation utilizes cognitive bots that can reason and make decisions, learning on the job to become invaluable resources in your operations. There are multiple approaches to making bots smarter including allowing bots to apply rules-based logic, giving bots access to machine learning models, or teaching bots to read through technologies like optical character recognition and natural language processing.

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RPA Robotic Process Automation | Automate Business Processes

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