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WHAT IS ROBOTIC PROCESS AUTOMATION? Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a technology that involves the use of software robots to perform tasks that were initially performed by humans. Traditional automation technologies typically orchestrate interactions with back-end systems, which are hidden from the users. This traditional approach requires access to comprehensive integrations for each and every system involved in the automation. Frequently, these integrations are not readily available or accessible; especially for older systems. Instead of building these back-end integrations, RPA utilizes existing front-end interfaces for automation. An RPA bot will interact with the computer desktop and windows, as if it were a human worker, and perform the tasks that a human would normally perform. Imagine sitting a robot down in front of a computer. This robot will perform all the same operations that a human would — only faster, more accurate, and available at all times. It can read an entire screen in a matter of seconds, determine what it needs to do immediately, and retain all the information in its memory in order to complete a multitude of tasks. It will also click buttons, open web pages, search, and type out information just like any human. Robotic process automation gives you a faster way to automate tasks. Our team has a proven approach to discovering, documenting, implementing, and managing bots across your enterprise.

Robotic Process Automation or Robotic Desktop Automation, which is right for you?

Most Robotics vendors talk about the two kinds of robotic automation, RPA and RDA. Each has its merits as a solution for the right problem. Watch this video to

Getting started with an RPA Discovery Workshop

How do you find the right place to apply RPA to your business? Where do you start? Who should be in the room? At BP3 we offer a FREE one-day RPA discovery workshop to help you find the right place to get started and where the most ROI can be found.

What about making bots smarter?

When it comes to smarts bots, you don't always have them. However, with Smart Bots or Intelligent automation we can blow past what a normal bot can do. There are multiple approaches to making bots smarter including allowing bots to apply rules-based logic, giving bots access to machine learning models, or teaching bots to read through technologies like optical character recognition and natural language processing.

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User experience design makes the most of the requirement gathering stage by offering a faster way to requirement verification. Requirement verification means less time building the wrong thing...

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There is a faster way to fix that problem and it is with BP3's world-class support group. Hundreds of global clients depend on BP3 support as their first line of defense.

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Legacy applications got you down? Do you need a faster way to orchestrate your work and get to your business goals?

Process Automation

Process automation can start with discovery and end with a change to the way you do business. At BP3 we bring a faster way to automate the entire process not just the task.

BP3 Global - Artificial Intelligence

At BP3 we know the term artificial intelligence can be intimidating which is why we like to use the term everyday AI because tackling that pile of documents is pretty important.

BP3 Global - Robotic Process Automation ( RPA )

Robotic process automation gives you a faster way to automate tasks. Our team has a proven approach to discovering, documenting, implementing, and managing bots across your enterprise.

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