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Process Automation

Process automation can mean many things to many people but put simply we want to automate entire programs, not just tasks. When you are looking for comprehensive change in the way you get things done process automation is the way to go. At BP3 we bring a background of deep process analysis and implementation to help you find a faster way to get things done.

Is Process Dead?

It can be hard to remember that sometimes a process that worked two years ago can't keep up with today. Process is more than just orchestrating tasks between systems and humans. It is finding a faster way to get to the best business outcome.

2020 Q3 Forrester Wave for Digital Process Automation Service Providers

That's right, we are leaders in the Forrester Wave for Digital Process Automation Service Providers. Now more than ever focus on process improvement is critical.

Process Discovery

When it comes to process, the first step is Process discovery. With process discovery you can investigate the best place to automate and where you will get the most ROI. Process discovery is the foundation to great process journey.

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User Experience Design

User experience design makes the most of the requirement gathering stage by offering a faster way to requirement verification. Requirement verification means less time building the wrong thing...

End to End Application Support

There is a faster way to fix that problem and it is with BP3's world-class support group. Hundreds of global clients depend on BP3 support as their first line of defense.

Application Modernization

Legacy applications got you down? Do you need a faster way to orchestrate your work and get to your business goals?

Process Automation

Process automation can start with discovery and end with a change to the way you do business. At BP3 we bring a faster way to automate the entire process not just the task.

BP3 Global - Artificial Intelligence

At BP3 we know the term artificial intelligence can be intimidating which is why we like to use the term everyday AI because tackling that pile of documents is pretty important.

BP3 Global - Robotic Process Automation ( RPA )

Robotic process automation gives you a faster way to automate tasks. Our team has a proven approach to discovering, documenting, implementing, and managing bots across your enterprise.

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