RPA and Intelligent Automation Software and Skills Training from BP3 Academy

For teams and individuals, BP3 Academy offers the professional development needed to gain the skills and certifications to succeed in Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Intelligent Automation, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and related Digital Process Automation programs.

To compete today, companies invest in developing their workforce with the right combination of technical and business skills needed to become more agile through Robotic Process Automation, Intelligent Automation, Process Design Methodology, and all aspects of Digital process automation. BP3 Global is an award-winning training organization recognized for its standard courses blended with real-world practitioner insight based upon our 15-year history of designing and delivering business process automation programs for hundreds of the world's best companies with a 99.9% success rate.

The BP3 Academy delivers education and programs including:

  • The Leading RPA software companies
  • The tools and techniques for successful implementation and support
  • The programs and workshops related to implementing successful automation programs, including Design Thinking, User Experience UX, and Automation Program Best Practices

Why Get Blue Prism Foundations Training from BP3?

83% of graduates from BP3's Foundations Training program have passed the Blue Prism Accreditation Exam on their first attempt (compared to the 2017 national average of only 54%). That’s why BP3 has been recognized as Blue Prism’s Training Partner of the Year for 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020.

This 5-day training utilizes the Blue Prism training environment for the duration of the class. Participants learn and practice hands-on navigation and management of automations within Blue Prism’s RPA tool. By the end of the course, participants will have successfully completed a consolidation exercise, demonstrating proficiency with Blue Prism’s process automation software.

Foundations Course Objectives:

  • Gain foundational knowledge of Blue Prism development
  • Demonstrate navigation, task performance and control room management proficiency
  • Complete a Comprehensive Consolidation exercise to test and apply learned skills throughout the course
  • Complete the first step in the Blue Prism Accreditation path

Foundations Course Content:

  • Introduction to RPA
  • Terminology
  • Process Studio
  • Process Flow
  • Inputs and Outputs
  • Business Objects
  • Object Studio
  • Overview of Error and Case Management
  • Additional Features

Why Get Blue Prism Practitioner Training from BP3?

The Practitioner course addresses best practices and practical applications of an automation process lifecycle, providing a deeper level of understanding of the functions and capabilities of Blue Prism IPA software. Completing BP3’s Foundations Training is recommended.

This is an accelerated five-day, classroom-based (on online instructor led) course on the practical application of Blue Prism IPA solutions. Participants learn how to produce and manage a working automation. The course provides participants with real-life scenarios to plan and create functioning automated processes.Enhance your confidence and expertise in designing and building advanced automations. You will be introduced to the various roles, documents and best practices used to create production quality, end-to-end process automation.

Practitioner Course Objectives:

  • Navigate the Blue Prism GUI
  • Gain knowledge of advanced tasks within Blue Prism
  • A comprehensive explanation of the lifecycle and delivery roadmap of IPA
  • In-depth use of business objects and elements
  • Guidance on Blue Prism best practices from accredited Instructors

Foundations Course Content:

  • File Management
  • Interacting with MS Excel
  • Manipulating Collections
  • Work Queue Priority
  • Work Queue Tags
  • Work Queues Statuses
  • Deferring Items in a Work Queue
  • Work Queue Reporting
  • Defined Roles in the Process Lifecycle
  • Process Lifecycle Roadmap
  • Consolidation Exercise
  • Terminology

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