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Driven 2021 Speaker Announcement: Volkswagen Credit's Tavis Addison

Hear from VW Credit, Inc.'s Tavis Addison! Gain insight from Tavis as he discusses everything from globalizing local automation solutions, embracing lean thinking approaches in order to create processes that can be adopted from department to department, and how VW Credit uses automation within their customer-centric culture.

On September 28th, Tavis Addison from Volkswagen Credit is talking about how they used automation to build their customer centric culture.

This interview with a live Q&A follows our interview with Chris McCarley from TTI last week.  

Tavis has a lot of insight about using the customer as your north star. When the pandemic hit, VW Credit was barraged with requests to delay payment and their call center was overwhelmed. Along with the BP3 team, VW Credit was able to change their work pattern and automate these requests in almost no time. The agility that Tavis and his team have from using automation is worth the listen.

You can register for Driven here and receive updates about the event and a free conference t-shirt!

During the live broadcast we will be giving away a pair of Beats Earbuds so be sure to join live on September 28th at 11AM EST!

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