Analytics in Process Transformation


BP3's Vice President of BPLabs, Andrew Paier, discusses realizations the Labs team found in unlocking analytics within your business processes.



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Krista: Thank you for joining us, Andrew. So today we're going to talk about analytics in BPM. Let's start with what's the current state of analytics in BPM?

Andrew: If you're trying to do analytics implementation in BPM today, the standard practice is that you have to know in advance of rolling out to production what items you want to perform analysis on, and then put in appropriate tracking groups or other things into your solution in order to capture that data for future analysis.

Krista: I feel like what you're alluding to there is potential that we in the future or near-future or present don't have to know what we're looking for?

Andrew: The labs group at BP3 has identified this as a great barrier to people properly realizing continuous improvement in their business processes. Because they aren't able to analyze the things that might allow them to unlock that potential. We're creating both the methodology and a set of tools in order to allow people to unlock that potential without having to take it into account during their initial engineering of their processes.

Krista: Just so I'm sure that we're getting this, you are saying that we can use current processes and using your tooling and methodology unlock analytics in BPM today.

Andrew: Exactly that. What we wanted to do is we know that there are a lot of people out there with processes that they've implemented that have lots of valuable data in them, so we set the goal to be able to bring that data out and make it available in a way that we can figure out what is it that you should know about your process that you're unable to discover today and enable you to discover that.

Krista: And finally realizing the value of BPM through analytics.

Andrew: Exactly. It does come with the need for the correct methodology. Today one of the other barriers is that the process delivery team is very tactically engaged with the business and focused on solving process problems. That's where we want them focused, but what we need to do is find a way to also concentrate on the strategic goals of the business overall. In order to do that, we've implemented a methodology that allows us to slipstream the analytics goals in behind the process team on separate work-stream so as not to interrupt your quick delivery to production.

Krista: Well, thanks, Andrew. Thanks for being here.

Andrew: You're welcome.

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