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Are you looking to reinvent how your organization works, either on a departmental or enterprise-wide level? Under pressure to deliver results faster? Check out our Innovation Workshops which are designed to accelerate innovation and impact.

While innovation may be imperative, it certainly isn't easy.


Maintaining the status quo doesn’t cut it in today's era of nonstop disruption.  Organizations of all stripes, from insurance providers to government agencies, are under pressure to find new ways of working that are more sustainable, more resilient, and more effective.

Just as physical robots transformed the shop floor, Virtual Workers, AI and Intelligent Automation solutions are reshaping how organizations work. McKinsey & Company research suggests 30 - 50% of your processes can be automated – streamlining data analysis, improving how expertise is applied to decision making, enhancing customer relationships and enabling employees to have greater impact. 

However, even with the best technology, success is not automatic. Navigating complex legacy systems and processes, adapting new technology to specific activities and developing enterprise-grade solutions takes a clear vision, an aligned organization and technical  expertise.  

BP3's Innovation Workshops help you find your Faster Way.

Whether you’re a finance executive automating invoice processing or an operations leader streamlining customer engagement, getting started can be the most challenging part of your innovation journey.  That's why many of our client relationships begin with an Innovation Workshop where our analysts, designers and technologists work with you to jump-start your automation journey.

In these engagements,  we bring the right mix of expertise in facilitation techniques, process design, rapid prototyping & user research to identify your highest-impact opportunities, rally your team around a common vision, set measurable goals to guide progress, and establish a roadmap for change.

While every Innovation Workshop engagement is unique, our Design Thinking approach always puts people at the center of solution design. 


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