Sarah Hanson Nominated for the Automation Anywhere Great Woman Award

I found this blog really hard to start. Actually putting into words the pride BP3 has for Sarah Hanson is really difficult. It is rare that you have a leader in your organization that is as universally well liked and respected as Sarah Hanson. 

Sarah was recently nominated for Automation Anywhere’s Great Woman Award. This award isn’t the first or the last award that she has been up for but I thought the award description fit her well:

"A female partner who has devoted considerable effort to advance other women and who also achieved something uniquely great relating to your company, a customer or our field of AI/RPA."

Sarah not only devotes the effort to advance other women, but also to advance anyone that works with her. She is the person standing behind almost all of our RPA deliveries- coaching, troubleshooting, and enabling the team. She has the unique ability to tell you that you are doing something terribly wrong without making you feel like you are doing something terribly wrong which in my opinion is a talent we could all use a little more of. 

Congratulations to Sarah for being a nominee for Automation Anywhere’s Great Woman Award. Well deserved!