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Scott Francis

To start 2021, and to get a fresh start, we moved into brand new digs for our BP3 Headquarters in Austin, TX. If you're looking for us, you'll find us at 7121 N Lamar Blvd, Suite 100, 78752.

KVUE recently did a great little piece on how companies in Austin are considering office moves post-pandemic and what the future of work might mean for office space consumption.  For BP3, we traded down on square footage, but we traded into a space with soaring ceilings and a very creative and energetic vibe to it.  Our neighbors are an event agency (Red Velvet) that will only add to that creative high-energy vibe. We're walking distance from a dozen restaurants, and not too far from major highways that cut through Austin. In short, we think this is a great location from which to plot our next chapter! 

Unfortunately the video doesn't embed easily for our site, but there's a good video interview and some discussion about overall trends for office space in Austin.  My personal take:  the rumors of the death of offices are a bit premature - we will still want to have great places to work (in the office) for our teams. But, the world isn't returning to the previous state of affairs anytime soon. Our business already included a lot of work from home and work from the road time.  I'm anticipating less travel load in our business going forward, but with a similar amount of working "outside the office". So we've adapted to office space that will be awesome to be at - but without a dedicated desk for each of us because it isn't economical to have that much space when it isn't needed. I expect many companies will try fully remote, or mostly remote options as well.

I'm looking forward to seeing everyone back in the offices once more of us are vaccinated! 

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