Join BP3 for the Following Virtual and In-Person Events.

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BP3 Webinar Series: Analytics. What makes analytics so difficult and is it worth the pain? Register for this webinar for a brief introduction to analytics in BPM while learning some advanced analytic techniques.


Brazos Virtual User Conference, the Monday morning meeting you don’t want to miss! Register for a one-hour educational talk highlighting new and featured controls, complex use cases and more. Followed by an extended Q&A session with our solutions engineer.


 AIIM Conference 2017 – Orlando, Florida

 IBM InterConnect 2017 – Las Vegas, Nevada

 BP3 Webinar Series: Building Effective UIs For Your Business. Register to gain an understanding in the differences between effective UIs for case workers, task workers, manager, partners and customers. Featured speaker, John Reynolds, will also cover how business process APIs can constrain your customer experience and more. Click the date to register!