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BP3 Global - Artificial Intelligence

ENHANCE YOUR BUSINESS AUTOMATION WITH ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE ( AI ) Machine learning and artificial intelligence can help your business become more efficient by learning, processing, and changing or suggesting changes to your most critical business processes. BP3 uses AI and machine learning technologies to discern and learn from both structured and unstructured data. Once the AI technology familiarizes itself with your company’s data it can help to automate many of your processes. This can save a substantial amount of time and effort. AI can automate processes in a variety of sectors including billing and finance, product development and shipping, customer relations and call centers, and marketing. At BP3 Global we know the term artificial intelligence can be intimidating which is why we like to use the term everyday AI. This isn't the AI that is curing diseases but it will help you find a faster way to process all of the documents that just landed in your inbox.

Everyday AI

Everyday AI is about finding those small use cases that mean big savings for your business. Things like understanding customer intent, document processing, or creating expert systems. Everyday AI is approachable and can provide real value in solving day to day problems.

Applying AI to customer requests

One common problem we see across industries is managing customer requests. You might get customer requests from an online form, email, mail, or a chat bot and you need to classify these requests quickly and get them into a work queue but how?

Machine Learning

Teaching systems what to look for and how to deal with things once they have found it is a great way to start in the artificial intelligence space. Machine learning algorithms help classify everything from medical classifications for insurance to detecting wire fraud in banking. Machine learning is the gateway to truly intelligent automation.

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User Experience Design

User experience design makes the most of the requirement gathering stage by offering a faster way to requirement verification. Requirement verification means less time building the wrong thing...

End to End Application Support

There is a faster way to fix that problem and it is with BP3's world-class support group. Hundreds of global clients depend on BP3 support as their first line of defense.

Application Modernization

Legacy applications got you down? Do you need a faster way to orchestrate your work and get to your business goals?

Process Automation

Process automation can start with discovery and end with a change to the way you do business. At BP3 we bring a faster way to automate the entire process not just the task.

BP3 Global - Artificial Intelligence

At BP3 we know the term artificial intelligence can be intimidating which is why we like to use the term everyday AI because tackling that pile of documents is pretty important.

BP3 Global - Robotic Process Automation ( RPA )

Robotic process automation gives you a faster way to automate tasks. Our team has a proven approach to discovering, documenting, implementing, and managing bots across your enterprise.

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