Application Modernization

Enterprise Application Strategy

BP3 delivers a full suite of application services designed to preserve the business value of legacy investments and transform the ability to respond to constantly changing market demands rapidly. BP3 helps with developing and implementing an overall strategy to deliver the benefits of application modernization, including prioritizing application modernization projects, optimizing the functionality of existing applications to be used in other services, and re-platforming applications from on-premises to cloud for application scale and performance

BP3 offers Application Modernization design, implementation, and support, including microservice architecture services, application development, and 24x7 Global support desk management

Microservices Architectures - Enable Faster Application Development Cycles

Microservices: Small services which are individually developed, deployed and managed and which communicate via standardized APIs. Instead of having one monolithic application containing all business logic, a flexible network of Microservices handles all complexity. Developers can work on small functional chunks rather than having to understand many millions of lines of code, resulting in better quality as well easier testing and rapid roll-out of new features.

BP3 Custom Application Development

Sometimes off-the-shelf technology isn't the fastest way to get to your business goals. Sometimes you need an expert building what you need from the ground up. At BP3 we have done completely custom applications as well as a combination of off-the-shelf and custom development. Talk to us about the problem and we promise to find a faster way to get you to a business resolution.


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