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Leverage the power of automation to free up your people and resources, replacing time-consuming and repetitive manual tasks with streamlined, modern processes. For decades, BP3 has supported leaders in sales, finance, HR, operations and many other departments to improve their day-to-day.

Empower your team with automation to do a better, faster job and focus on their core objectives.


Sales & Front Office

Delivering an exceptional customer experience is more important than ever. AI-powered processes enable you to eliminate sales challenges and front-office complexity with scalable solutions that better serve your customers.

Strengthen your customer relationships while streamlining your team’s tasks.

  • Automate manual tasks to save time and money.
  • Seamlessly bridge the divide between sales and delivery.
  • Provide a better experience for your customers, increasing win rates and customer satisfaction.

13 MIL+

instances processed

Better customer experiences that fuel business growth

The world's leading real estate franchise Keller Williams partnered with BP3 to create a technology platform that goes far beyond a traditional CRM.

The scalable, agency-led system enables realtors to connect with clients in more targeted and meaningful ways, leading to lifelong relationships.

  • Dynamic SmartPlans
  • 10 Static SmartPlans
  • 13 million+ instances processed
  • 7 user configurable building blocks
  • 56,000+ unique users of the system

Innovative, real-time product tracking speeds up service

The United States Postal Service's (USPS) needed to replace a clunky legacy tracking system with something more innovative and modern that meets customer needs.

With BP3’s help and a new set of business rules logic, what was previously 1,300 steps is now a customer-friendly, online package tracking system that takes just 15 milliseconds to process a scan.

Human Resources

A business is only as successful as its people. Intelligent automation can transform the employee experience while saving company time and resources. From recruitment to onboarding to benefits administration, streamline your functional processes with HR automation solutions.

Humans are the heart of your organization. We help you treat them right. 

  • Increase the efficiency and accuracy of tasks, empowering your HR team to focus on their most value-added contributions. 
  • Replace manual workloads and outdated processes with modern solutions that drive results. 
  • Create outstanding employee experiences that fuel performance and productivity.

Using digital workers alleviates pressure on HR staff

St Helens and Knowsley Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust (STHK) had a complex pension and payroll processing system that involved repetitive, time-consuming and high-volume tasks. With BP3’s support, STHK implemented automated bots for pension auto-enrollment and payroll processing, in addition to automating other tasks. Over 7,000 hours are expected to be saved each year.

  • Pension auto-enrollment – Payroll officer → 20 days | Bot → 20 hours
  • Payroll processing of weekly patchwork files – Saves 45 minutes per run for staff members.


Intelligent automation technologies are a game changer for invoice processing, payroll processing, accounts payable and much more. Back-office functions have company-wide impact, automating those processes

From complying with regulatory requirements to reducing costs, intelligent automation transforms key financial processes.

  • Eliminates the regulatory risk of human error, giving you peace of mind in your compliance.
  • Enhances efficiency around critical financial processes, freeing up time for your finance team to focus on other priorities. 
  • Prevents delays and leverages the power of a 24/7/365 digital workforce.


hours saved

Tackle the biggest challenges with automation

The National Health Service was struggling with invoice processing invoice, due to both sheer volume and manual errors. It was taking approximately 12 minutes to review, check and match invoices. This backlog could lead to late payment and financial penalties.

With a robotic process automation platform and an intelligent document processings solution, BP3 automated end-to-end invoice processing, saving the NHS significant time and money.

  • 23,000+ hours saved
  • ROI of $3 million

Operations & Supply Chain

We help leaders lighten their load with innovative demand planning, scheduling, inventory management, procurement, customer service and more. Get more done, with less.

Reimagine operations and supply chain management work with intelligent automation that helps you harness the full potential of your team.

  • Automate critical processes that free up your team’s time and resources, driving greater value for a lower cost.
  • Improve turnaround time without decreasing quality. 
  • Mitigate the risk of human error with better efficiency, accuracy and compliance.

Gain a competitive edge with standardized, modern processes

Nucor, the largest steel manufacturer and recycler in North America, has over 300 operating facilities. To remain competitive and profitable, the company had to standardize and improve its processes.

BP3 developed a custom application and identified a number of automation opportunities, including the use of bots, to transform the company’s operations.

Intelligent Automation

Can Transform How You and Your Team Work

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