DigiBlu SA
Develops Strategic Partnership
with UiPath

Aug. 1, 2023

DIGIBLU SA, Part of the BP3 GLOBAL GROUP, Strengthens Leadership in Digital Workforce Implementation and Operations Via Strategic Partnership with UiPath 

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Cape Town, South Africa, 1st of August, 2023 DigiBlu SA, a South African-based specialized intelligent automation consultancy, now part of BP3, today announced it is entering a strategic partnership with UiPath (NYSE: PATH),

 Having achieved initial efficiencies using robotic process automation (RPA) as a simpler, faster way to automate business processes, today, organizations are looking for further paths to increase efficiency, and competitiveness, and to drive innovation and growth by leveraging intelligent automation platforms.

Having evolved its vision for automation beyond RPA and towards the virtually limitless potential of AI, DigiBlu SA is at the forefront of supporting South African organizations to achieve organizational transformation through the use of cloud-based AI-powered automation technologies.

The UiPath Business Automation Platform offers a full range of AI-powered automation capabilities, from mining customer conversations to document understanding and Generative AI experiences. It also provides process orchestration tools to discover, design, automate, and mine, enabling organizations to solve complex business challenges. Through the partnership, DigiBlu aims to help organizations unlock the vast potential of automation, encompassing process mining, process automation and test automation, as well as migration to SAP S/4HANA.

Gregory Williams, UiPath Regional VP South Africa, said: “Today, AI-powered automation is fast advancing toward attaining its full potential to become an engine for driving innovation in the enterprise and our customers in South Africa are at the forefront of using the UiPath Business Automation Platform to drive unparalleled business outcomes. Our partnership with DigiBlu SA will allow us to together support local businesses to become digital leaders while supporting their employees and customers by creating more meaningful experiences.”

 Steve Burke, Founder and Managing Director of DigiBlu SA, continues: “Our partnership with UiPath marks an exciting time for everyone at DigiBlu SA in South Africa and as a wider part of BP3 Global. UiPath shares our passion for automating business processes and transforming enterprises to realize exceptional value.”

Scott Francis, CEO of BP3, emphasized the significance of the UiPath relationship and BP3's expansion into Africa through this collaboration: “BP3 and DigiBlu have always believed in not just automating but understanding our client’s business so that we can deliver outsized results. DigiBlu’s consultative approach to AI-powered automation gives our clients a deeper partnership in delivering value. DigiBlu has some of the most compelling and forward-thinking clients in South Africa and we’re excited about what the partnership with UiPath will mean for our clients in Southern Africa.”


About DigiBlu SA:

DigiBlu SA, is a proudly South African BBBEE Level One Contributor.

As an Internationally recognized Consultancy, known for its expertise in designing and deploying automated business processes and operating digital workforces powered by document, decision, task and flow automation technologies, DigiBlu SA has helped organizations develop and implement their automation strategies through the realization of their full potential by situating the Digital Workforce as a strategic enterprise asset.

DigiBlu SA’s Robotic Operations Centre in Cape Town serves customers in Africa, Europe, and the US. Rated by Analyst firms for its vision, market impact and capability, DigiBlu SA offers consulting and implementation services and accessible, affordable Cloud delivered Automation-as-a-Service.


About BP3 Global, Inc.:

Since its establishment in 2007, BP3 Global has maintained a singular dedication to crafting and implementing process automation solutions for many of the world’s leading organizations.

At BP3 we go beyond that by offering comprehensive expertise in cutting-edge technologies, including Robotic Process Automation, Digital Process Automation, Process Orchestration, AI-based Intelligent Document Processing, Application Modernization, Decision Automation, and Workload Automation.

What sets BP3 apart is our distinctive process-oriented approach, our adherence to design-thinking principles, and our unparalleled proficiency in the entire spectrum of digital process automation technologies. Our organizational culture emphasizes a commitment to "more focus, more foresight, and more follow-up" in every project we undertake, making us truly unique.