What's New: Federation in Brazos Portal 1.2.0 [Video]

  • October 14, 2014
  • Scott

 The Brazos Portal 1.2.0 release also includes Federation.  This is kind of a big deal for BPM.  The following video demonstrates what this looks like when Brazos Portal federates an IBM BPM 8.0.x instance and an IBM BPM 8.5.x instance into one work inbox for the customer.

This is a big win for users, and a big win for BPM practitioners- for the first time they’re not bound to a single version or installation of IBM BPM for their work, nor are they forced to go out to multiple URLs to get it done.  If your organization is taking BPM company-wide, you’re probably already experiencing the need to separate important processes into their own infrastructure and you are also seeing a need to consolidate inboxes for the convenience of the user community. Take your portal experience from worst to first with Brazos Portal:

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  • Luke Kennedy

    I saw this and immediately got excited thinking you somehow hacked identity federation into BPM. That’s the next step, right?

    • yes, identify federation is of interest 🙂 next? depends on customer feedback!

  • David Bailie

    Hi Luke, for simplicity of this demo we have both of the BPM servers in the same security realm, so they share LTPA tokens. No hacking needed as it’s a supported feature of WAS. Let us know if you need help from our BP Labs team to get this working. 🙂