Wait, is this a Positive GenX Reference? #startups

  • October 10, 2011
  • Scott

Imagine my surprise to read an article referencing Gen X without falling back on the tired cliches of calling GenX lazy and stupid, in not so many words:

Gen-X has just 46 million members, but they continue to lead the way and set the standards in the startup world.  […]

Gen-X is rife with entrepreneurs. In fact, they will likely make or break our country’s ability to transition to the new social Internet society. They have drive and independence. And they have a lot they can teach both the boomers and Gen-Y.

I’m not big on the generational stereotype – and this article references some of the old ones, but phrased more politely – individualistic, technologically adept, flexible, valuing work/life balance.  I don’t see that as differentiated from the previous generation, but maybe differentiated from the stereotypes of the previous generation.  At any rate, “GenX” is apparently in the sweet spot (from an age point of view) for starting companies and running companies.  Let’s hope they/we do a good job of it.

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