Videos from #bpmNEXT: BPM for Mobile, Mobile for BPM

  • May 13, 2013
  • Scott

As I’ve written before, bpmNEXT was a fantastic event, and we put up quite a few posts about it over the following weeks.  In the midst of all the IBM Impact posts that we’re catching up on, the videos from bpmNEXT came available, and we wanted to share with you.  You’ll see an earlier version of what we showed at IBM Impact, before we had ironed out a few of the warts, but you can already see the direction we’re going with Brazos in this presentation and demonstration.

Our presentation:

  • 10 minutes of presentation/motivation on why we’re pursuing our current strategy with Brazos and where it fits in in the spectrum of HTML5, Hybrid, and Native apps.
  • 10 minutes of demonstration of Brazos and a hybrid shell, by Ivan Kornienko.
  • 10 minutes of Q&A (not captured on this video)

Watching the video (even embedded) does require registering with BrightTALK, which is free. Note: BP3 is not affiliated with BrightTALK and does not receive any contact information from BrightTALK.


You can also find this video on the bpmNEXT site.


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