US Economy Humming

  • January 13, 2016
  • Scott

Acceleration-FBIn any economy, there are bright spots and rough spots. But the latest jobs numbers are encouraging – 292,000 hires in December on top of healthy numbers for the previous few months:

In its monthly jobs report Friday, the Labor Department said the unemployment rate remained 5 percent in December for a third straight month. More Americans started looking for jobs and succeeded in finding them.
The government also said employers added a combined 50,000 more jobs in October and November than it had previously estimated. For the July-September quarter, hiring averaged 284,000 a month
— the best three-month pace in a year.

Many news reports over the last two years have added an asterisk to low unemployment rates – because the participation rate has been lower than usual for the last few years post-recession.  While this might be a natural outcome of aging out of the workforce or giving up when jobs are hard to come by, that trend has reversed:

Even as many more jobs have been added, the unemployment rate has held at 5 percent over the past three months because nearly a million more Americans have begun looking for jobs since September.

Of course, in a twist of irony, such a positive report probably contributed to a tough first week of 2016 in the stock market.  Can’t win them all.  As observed through the Austin lens, we seem to be adding jobs and families at a roughly equivalent rate.  I have no idea how construction is keeping up with the inflow of people, and there is some evidence that it is simply not keeping up. 



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