Time for a Change: New Branding for BP3

  • April 27, 2012
  • Scott

2012 has been a transition year for BP3, 5 years into our journey. We are 10x the size we were in year 1.  We’re addressing really interesting projects.  We have organized into teams to provide differentiated services to customers.  We didn’t take on re-branding BP3 lightly – But we’re a different company than we were 5 years ago when we started, and now is the time for a change. The new logo and branding reflect the investment we’ve made in becoming the best BPM services firm in the business.

We hope the new site design will help you find the best BP3 has to offer – all on one scrollable front-page, followed by rich detailed pages on each section.  There’s no Flash involved, and we hope you like the navigation as much as we do.  We’ll be adding to our site in the coming weeks – BP Deploy (Cloud Deployment) and BP Labs (our own in-house development team) need to be properly represented in our site.  We’ll get to work on that.

Meanwhile, explore the site. Tell us what you like, or better yet, tell us what you wish we included, but didn’t.

A few thank you’s are in order.  Many thanks to thinktiv, who not only helped us think through the implications of branding, but how that affects logo, color, site layout, etc.  They’re rock star designers and strategic thinkers and they’ve been a fantastic partner for us. Also, a shout-out to the WPEngine team.  Thanks to them, our site is faster, and more reliable, than it was before – and easier to manage as a wordpress site than it was as a collection of HTML files.

Expect to see more from us on the blog and on the site!


The BP3 Team



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  • Congrats, Scott! Love the new design!

  • Great work guys – now, take all your wonderful thoughts on the future of BPM and go kill it!

    •  thanks berko 🙂 we’ll do our best!

  • nthompson89

    I really like the rebrand, guys! Nicely done.