The Shaving Process and Dollar Shave Club

  • December 18, 2012
  • Scott

I just had to give Dollar Shave Club a try.  The tongue-in-cheek video and simple buying process appealed to me as a customer and as a process guy.

So I gave it a spin.  Dollar Shave Club says their razors are as good as the expensive name brands, but without spending money on marketing.  The truth is, they’re not as good as Gillette’s blades (at the 4x level).  The four blade razor isn’t as precise as the Mach 3, nor quite as smooth as the Gillette Fusion.  I’m sure Gillette’s testing labs have already figured this out.  They take research seriously.

But what they might miss is this: Dollar Shave Club’s new razor shaves better than an over-used Mach 3 or Fusion blade.  And every week, you just start with a new blade.  For me, this means I’m more often shaving with a brand new razor, and therefore getting a really close shave.  And I know that every Monday, I can just start with a fresh razor.  Done.  After a month, I find a four-pack of razors in the mail:

Meanwhile, with a traditional blade, I have to remember to pick them up at the store, and the thrifty side of me normally wouldn’t switch out blades every week, I’d just wait until I can’t stand it anymore before switching…

So what’s the process point?  Dollar Shave Club is providing the customers a process that yields, on average, better results than buying your own razors at the store.  Customers save time and money and get a better shave on average.  What’s not to like?

I’m waiting for Gillette or Schick to respond, but I’m not holding my breath.

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  • andrew

    Just use’s subscribe and save and you can get any razor the same way you get your dollar shave club 🙂

    • But you’ll pay more. (that marketing $ savings referenced earlier ; )

  • When your internal process actually makes life easier for your customer (and there are plenty that don’t) your company is definitely on the right track. A good process can define your company, much like it has for the Dollar Shave Club.