The First IBM BPM v8 Deployment

  • August 17, 2012
  • Scott

Like everyone else at Impact, we were excited about the announcement of IBM BPM v8.0.  We’ve been looking forward to get a project live on v8 ever since it came out.

And now, BP3 is proud to announce what we believe is the first production solution based on IBM’s Business Process Manager version 8.0, including ADA-compliant coaches (UIs).  The State of Texas was looking for a solution to help the Texas Education Agency with a solution to manage class waivers in a more transparent fashion. The project had an aggressive timeline – 3.5 months – and required the process application to be in place prior to the beginning of the 2012-2013 public school year, a hard deadline. We worked with TEA from definition through deployment to achieve the desired business outcome which came in on-time and on-budget. As of today, the new IBM BPM v8 solution for TEA is in production.

Obviously to get a release out this fast requires an agile approach, with frequent playbacks to the stakeholders.  And it requires compromises between scope and cost and timelines.  You can’t get this done without partners in the development process.  It has been a great experience to work with the State of Texas and IBM, both of whom were very supportive of the project.

We’re looking forward to taking more IBM BPM 8.0 solutions to production in the near future.

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  • A few people have wondered: are we using v8 coaches and the new portal?
    The answer is yes. Implementing ADA-compliant UI in the heritage coach UIs is much harder, and the new UIs, while they might require more work in your first deployment, offer some real functional and re-use benefits once you get started.

    This isn’t some “fake” version 8 deployment using only heritage features, this is the real deal! IBM BPM v8 is in production, and the BP3 team did a great job making it happen.