Thank you to Julie Huls and ATC

  • December 24, 2015
  • Scott

In the last six years Austin has been through an evolution – some might say a transformation.  All through that time, our unemployment rate has tracked a full point less than Texas, and two points less than the US average.  And the tech business in Austin has really taken off:

  • SXSW-interactive really came into its own, increasing the number of attendees every year and evolving beyond spring break for geeks.
  • Capital Factory was launched, and has had an amazing impact on the startup ecosystem downtown.
  • ATC, under Julie’s leadership, not only regained relevance again but helped steer the conversation about tech in Austin. 

ATC is a relatively small organization that punches above its weight in Austin, largely thanks to a strong board and a great leader, in Julie, who is stepping down next quarter. Julie drove membership increases, and got personally involved.  She got on the phone with me and I’m sure dozens of other companies to convince them to join and be part of the conversation.

ATC has been a force toward explaining to the community the value of the tech ecosystem economically.  But it has also been a force for engaging the tech community in the rest of Austin – encouraging tech companies to support the arts and music and what makes Austin uniquely Austin.

Thank you Julie for six years of great leadership of an organization that is really important to Austin, and thank you for helping connect BP3 with that mission.  We don’t often as a tech community take time to stop and say thanks – this is as good a time as any. A search committee is exploring successors, and they’ll be big shoes to fill!


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