Texas Competes

  • April 24, 2015
  • Scott

Talent acquisition is a key topic in Austin and in tech. We hear it all the time.

  • What can you do to get more talent faster?
  • How can you compete with other companies?
  • How can we compete in Silicon Hills with Silicon Valley?

As you’ve seen on this blog we write a lot about acquiring great talent and keeping our team engaged. That is why BP3 chose to sign the Texas Competes pledge. For us this isn’t a political issue – this is just the reality of the great team of diverse people we work with inside and outside of our company. Austin has long welcomed people of all stripes and backgrounds, and that is one of the principles that has really made it a great business climate for everyone. 

Texas Competes is committed to promoting a competitive and economically vibrant Texas. It is a unified voice of Texas businesses that are making a stand for fair treatment of all people. It gives an economic look at the emotionally charged conversation of gay and transgendered issues. 

At BP3 we believe in the fair treatment of everyone. We love Texas (and not just for the tacos and BBQ) and want to make sure it remains a top state to live in, work in, and visit. We would encourage every business to take a look at their team, and the numbers, and sign the pledge to keep Texas competitive.


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