Speaking of Culture: Boots

  • August 2, 2016
  • Scott
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Bonus points if you can name the brand and composition of each boot!

Culture is partly about tradition.  At BP3 we have a few intern traditions that I really love.  We try to keep the interns guessing but if they read the archives on the blog, or talk to friends, they’ll know about our favorite traditions already. 

One of our favorites is boots.  We like to “give them the boot” before they go home for the school year – but this year we did it a little bit early – and we’re sending them home with some pretty spectacular boots. I still remember the first year we had a big intern program, with the interns all kind of poking fun at cowboy boots all summer…  and then when we took them to buy boots as a surprise at the end of the summer, they were ecstatic.  There’s just something about a high quality pair of boots.

We have a great group of interns this year – too smart to make fun of cowboy boots now! I think our interns are experiencing first hand what makes BP3 culture special, and what makes for a truly great place to work.  But you know, our team is also experiencing first hand how great it is to work with an up-and-coming crew of college graduates who are going far in their careers.  This is what I love about our intern program.

Thanks to Allens Boots – they did a great job taking care of our team as we took over the store temporarily! 

2016 Interns – it has been an honor! These last few weeks are going to be fun!

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Our Elite Eight!


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