Software AG hitches up with IDS Scheer

  • July 16, 2009
  • Scott

Well, this was a surprise for me this week – the news that Software AG (SAG) is buying IDS Scheer.  Clearly there are complementary businesses from the perspective of what they’re tackling (SAG being integration centric, IDS Scheer being very modeling and enterprise architecture focused).  Everyone seems to be waiting for the other shoe to drop – what will Oracle, SAP, and other players in the space do as a result of this acquisition?  Are more acquisitions to follow?

As Forrester points out, “IDS Scheer needed an execution engine in order to remain relevant and credible in the eyes of process pros responsible for expanding enterprise BPM initiatives.”  So it looks like a good fit from that perspective, and also from the point of view of altering SAG’s image as being too integration-centric (reinforced by acquiring Webmethods).  Forrester expects a successful marriage, with the “big losers” being the big partners of IDS Scheer: Oracle and SAP.

More coverage from “BPM in the Real World” on ebizQ here.  Based on a reading of posts on Twitter, there is some speculation that SAG now becomes a tasty target for SAP.  But then, SAP isn’t known for paying a big premium in its acquisitions…we’ll see.

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