Sandy Reviews Pega's "SmartBPM V6"

  • June 2, 2010
  • Scott

Sandy Kemsley reviews Pega’s SmartBPM V6 in her Column 2 blog recently:

I had a remote product demo of SmartBPM prior to PegaWORLD, then a briefing from Kerim Akgonul at the conference. A lot of the changes to the product over the past year and a half have been focused on making it easier to use, trying to fight the perception that it’s a great product but that the inherent complexity makes it hard to use. In fact, the two main themes that I saw for this version are that it’s easy to use, and easy to share through design and runtime collaboration.

Once again, reference to themes of simplicity and ease of use.  Sounds like some of the bigger players in the BPM space have awakened to common themes.  The question is whether there will be real, substantive follow through on these themes from the same vendors.

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