Running IT as a Business

  • January 25, 2010
  • Scott

MWD Advisors has a post up regarding Running IT as a Business. As they put it, the main objections to this idea seem to be “daft” – that they depend on assuming that IT will run this business in the worst-possible “order-taker” fashion.

As MWD points out, there’s no requirement that IT run their business badly!  However, I will say I can identify with the skepticism that IT can be run like a business, because although “running X like a business” doesn’t have to be interpreted in the most simplistic order-taking terms, I’d be dishonest if I said I hadn’t seen just that happen.  All too often that over-simplification is what the company executives seem to think they want.

So, I think what we have here is a difference between what it should mean to run IT more like a business, and the reality of what people have confronted in their work life.  I think everyone would agree that when IT takes too myopic a view of their role in the success of the business, it is detrimental to everyone.  And if IT provides more business value… that’s good for everyone.

Where IT and Business meet is something that we have had a lot of experience with at BP3 because we’re involved in BPM projects.  You can’t do BPM projects without bridging the gap between IT and Business, and in our experience, the closer aligned IT can get with the business, the better.

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