Why Customers Choose to Work With Us

  • November 30, 2017
  • Ariana

Rick Boonstra: BP3 has pulled our butts out of the fire a couple of times in the past, and I really do mean that. We’ve been able to bring in BP3 consultants and just knock out a couple of big projects that we wouldn’t have had the manpower for otherwise.

Connie M.: They come with innovative products and services that enhance the experience of a BPM platform.

Rana Munad: They’re efficiently pretesting the core before the delivery. It makes the whole process very leaner and quicker.

Connie M.: The combination of their BPM knowledge and their agile discipline was exactly what we needed and was looking for.

David B.: Customers, they’re part of the BP3 family. We want to take care of them. BP3 is a business. We’ve got 500 successful customer implementations.

Scott Francis: I think being involved and really caring about our customer’s success, that’s really what allows us to differentiate.

Annette Ibsen: It’s a very open, transparent dialogue you get. And my feeling is from the customer that they like it.

Scott Francis: The relationship with our customers is critical. I mean it’s what motivates us, right? It’s what makes it exciting, it’s what makes the work fulfilling.

Scott Francis: The thing we get most excited about is when we help a customer achieve their goals, and they get excited. That’s really fun.

Speaker 7: Finding that best outcome for the customer is non-negotiable. And helps us find clarity in any of the projects that we deliver.

Connie M.: BP3 was able to help us come in and understand more about a BPM program, and how to address it and take greater strides in a shorter period of time.

Rick Boonstra: It’s helped take the trial and error out of it for us. Get us a little more confident that we are moving in the right direction, we’re doing the right things.

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