Scott Francis Recaps Technology at Driven 2018

CEO of BP3, Scott Francis, joins Krista to summarize Driven 2018 and the many sessions and topics covered.

Krista White: Thanks Scott for taking time to sit down with us at Driven. So here at Driven people are learning about all different kinds of things. Can you give us kind of a summary of what you’re seeing?

Scott Francis: Well I think the core here, maybe as usual is process, decisions and automation. But there’s a lot of activity and technology around the edges. Whether that’s machine learning, block chain, design thinking, there’s a lot if interesting topics sort of around process, decisions and automation that really drives value for our business.

Krista White: So I’m seeing sessions on block chain, AI, data science, things like that. How is that playing into people’s process, decision and really their entire enterprise business of automation?

Scott Francis: Well I think that’s what has always been exciting about being in the process business, right. Worrying about business process is that as these new technology waves crest and affect all of our businesses, they also improve what we can do for process. The kind of value we can bring as process professionals. And although I emphasize process, again, it’s not just designing the process, it’s actually doing something useful. If I can incorporate machine learning into the business processes we build, I can enhance the value. If I can incorporate more automation, I can reduce the cost of delivering that value or increase the speed with which I can respond to a customer. So whether it’s a chat bot or a block chain or artificial intelligence, they all play in. And of course behind all that is a whole lot of data, right and data science.

Krista White: Well I loved that you called process exciting. Well thank you for siting down with us and we look forward to seeing you again.

Scott Francis: Absolutely, thanks.

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