Making Sense of IoT

  • January 3, 2018
  • Ariana

Andrew Paier, VP of BPLabs, reveals what BP3 is doing to make sense of IoT with their customers.

Krista: Thanks Andrew, for coming in today. Today, we’re talking about how to make sense of IOT. Why don’t you tell us what BP3 is really doing to make sense of IOT to our customers?

Andrew: Making sense of Internet of Things, IOT, isn’t significantly different than the same struggles we have with making sense of processed data. IOT is just another input to the larger data revolution that we’re seeing amongst various enterprises. That data will be a bit more structured because it is coming from a digital space from an actual device, but still interweaving that with all the other data streams we have coming in is the true challenge.

Andrew: It’s not unique to process, it’s not even unique to one enterprise. It’s across the board, the various different inputs you can have to affect change within your business processes, within your business execution are changing greatly every day.

Krista: What kind of opportunities are you seeing in Internet of Things to do different process transformation?

Andrew: Well, the really interesting part, a lot of people think about Internet of Things in terms of data coming in. But where it gets really interesting is all of the things that are coming along that allow us to affect processes and corporations and the way people are acting by putting data back out into the Internet of Things. This isn’t a one-way channel. It’s not simply that we can find out more about what’s going on in the environment, but we can affect the environment itself, help people make better decisions, help them understand the scenarios that are within using Internet of Things technologies. That might be as simple as traffic lights or notifications within a … Or notifications with a hospital about what is going on in each room, or it could be an app on your phone that helps you make better decisions throughout your day.

Krista: Thank you Andrew, for joining us today and talking about how to make sense of the Internet of Things. We look forward to hearing more about process and digital transformation here on this channel.

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