Quartz: Tech Workers Heading to Austin

  • March 2, 2016
  • Scott


A recent Quartz article making the rounds on Twitter and Facebook claims that a growing number of engineers and tech workers are leaving Silicon Valley for New York, Austin, Seattle, and other places. 

Indeed.com found that the share of searches from within the Bay Area for tech jobs outside of it is on the rise. As of Feb. 1, 35% of tech job searches on Indeed.com from the region were for jobs elsewhere, data from the company shows. That share, which is based on 30-day averages and adjusted for seasonal factors, was up about 30% year-over-year.

The highest ratio among those aged 31 to 40 implies to me, that people and families looking to buy a home and settle down are looking outside Silicon Valley for affordable housing, still within range of a vibrant job market. That’s good news for Austin.

Can’t help but note that Indeed.com is one of those companies that is, for all practical purposes, based in Austin, TX – and they’re quoting good friend and colleague Paul D’Arcy for the article!

As our own Lance Gibbs joked after reading this, this article could have been dated 1995!



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