Proud of our 2016 Interns!

  • September 2, 2016
  • Scott

Slack for iOS Upload-3

Our 2016 Intern program was fantastic. We had a bigger crew this year and they flexed their muscle to advance our Brazos Portal product and to explore some interesting ideas of their own. And they look great in cowboy boots.

Our sixth intern program is the best yet.  The energy and enthusiasm in the office are contagious, and having our interns in Austin was an excuse for many social outings this summer. 

I have to thank our BP Labs engineering team for supporting the interns.  I could never have given them the support and mentoring they deserved without the leadership of our team – David, Brian, Andrew, and others – who really relish the chance to teach and to coach.  Our interns had a trial by fire demonstrating their work to our executives… and many of our customers at BPMCAMP.  No pressure!  That professional experience will pay off in spades when they’re under pressure to perform in interviews and in jobs in the future.

So it should be clear that we received great value from our interns. But we also lived up to our part of the bargain:  we invested in them as people.  We also gave them a chance to learn new languages and tools and methods, and apply those to projects.  We gave them a chance to safely make mistakes without fearing failure.  They are all more marketable and more skilled than they were before their internships began. And this reflects BP3′s commitment to developing human talent, not just finding industry veterans, but also investing in people to grow the overall talent base of BP3, BPM, and Austin.

Thanks to all of our interns: you are going to have a great last year of school and bright careers in front of you!


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