The most popular digital process transformation
PLATFORM on the planet


Accelerating digital business transformation.

BP3’s Brazos Platform gives you the ability to transform your business in a safe and efficient way. Using the Brazos Platform anyone can manage the work, analyze the business, gain insights into their user experience and more.  The Brazos Platform accelerates digital business transformation.

  • User Experience Framework

  • Analytics

  • Work Management

  • Customer Experience Insights

  • Industry Blueprints

  • Decision Management

Bringing the Best Digital Process Automation Experience

Building customized process application interfaces doesn’t have to be hard. BrazosUI is a responsive and extensible framework designed to bring the single page application experience to open source process engines. It allows you to quickly and easily build UIs customized to your users’ preferences and leverages their devices’ common user interface elements and is touch optimized. BrazosUI is responsive so you can create mobile interfaces that allow your users to manage their work on the go. Build one interface and use it across all devices.