PR and the Long Game

  • September 27, 2012
  • Scott

Laura Beck wrote a great piece for Austin Startup the other day.  She was responding to an August TechCrunch story about Lyft, and the apparently blown PR embargo at launch.

Both of them are great reads, for different reasons.  The TechCrunch story is a look behind the curtain of how these news sites and their authors think in situations like this.  If you’re managing a startup or a launch, these are real perspectives and it is probably a good idea to understand them.

Laura Beck happens to be one of the best in the business in Austin, TX, and she has put together a great response.  My favorite section of the post is this part about the long game:

I have strong opinions that company visibility should be a long-game.  PR should be a building process, setting out a strong path of “digital bread crumbs” of news, proofs, company growth and momentum over time – months, not weeks, and surely not days.  And all those bread crumbs should be shared ongoing, democratically with the whole set of influencers that cover – and should care – about your industry, not just those 12 outlets, or the writer of that one dream hit.

I’d have put it this way – good PR starts with great substance.  If you have the substance behind it, you can afford to play the long game – letting the proofs and breadcrumbs build over time, and you don’t necessarily need the “in crowd” to validate your business or your launch.

If you have a long game for your business, why not a long game for your PR?

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