Perfect Storm Brewing

  • April 5, 2012
  • Scott

Keith Swenson covered the AIIM2012 Ted Schadler Keynote in his blog, and a few passages jumped out at me:

He presented a slide showing how dramatically the world has changed since 2007, only 5 years ago.  At that time there was no iPhone, no iPad, no app store.  The smart phone era has grown from essentially zero to 1 billion devices in 5 years!  700 million people participate in social networks.

Email is becoming your father’s Oldsmobile.

There was a perfect storm brewing.  Mobile apps are at the center of it all.  Showed a blood pressure app that plugs into iPhone. Another of a bathroom scale that plugs into the iPhone.  It is a reformation of engagement.  We all need to be thinking differently how we engage customers and employees.  Stop thinking about it as a technology problem.

It really is a perfect storm brewing around Mobile.  This presentation clearly resonated with Keith, and he captures some of the most interesting parts of it.  Mobile apps really are the center of the storm right now – it is where the interesting changes to user engagement are happening.  And just 5 years ago we could all be forgiven for not seeing it coming.  Even 3 years ago, reasonable people wouldn’t see it.  Even today, many people will insist HTML5 is all you need.  But what you need is user engagement (and whether that implies HTML5 or not is a moot point).

Keith has a few key points to remember at the end, that include “Design for mobile first”, and “Collaboration should be built into every application, Social is part of the information workplace”, and “get to the Cloud”.

We’re going to see how well BP3 can execute on those prime directives in our own efforts this year.

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