Our Neighbors at Data.World on Work-Life Integration

  • January 22, 2017
  • Scott

Some good friends work over at Data.World so we follow their news with interest.  More than that, they’re neighbors in our building and we’re fans of their offering.

Brett Hurt recently sat down for an interview with the ABJ in their Face 2 Face series.  A couple of good take-aways:

Now that he’s back in the CEO chair, Hurt devotes much of his time to guiding Data.World — including communication with executive team members and managers even when he’s on vacation in Hawaii.

But when you do something you love, the question isn’t about work life balance but “work life integration,” Adobe Spark-14Hurt said, something he learned from his parents. His father was an inventor who brought several successful consumer products to market.

“I’m in love with it. I’m just always on, it never stops,” he said. “That was the best lesson from my parents: They loved what they did, and I got to go along and see them do it.”

I hope this is the lesson our kids learn from us.  As a two-entrepreneur family, we’re definitely in the work-life integration camp, with the occasional electronic detox.  However, that integration occasionally affords us a great opportunity, like when we were able to bring our kids with us to Europe for a BP3 company meeting for me, and a conference for my wife in Madrid and Barcelona.  Rather than leave our kids behind, when we can, we bring them into this international, global world we’re a part of. I feel lucky that Cindy and I are both in businesses that started quite local and now have international connections.


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