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BP3 Consulting Services: Transforming Strategy and Solutions

Discover how BP3's consulting services redefine business strategy, align processes, and deliver tangible solutions. Unlock agility and productivity today.

BP3 is renowned for developing customer automation solutions to improve business efficiency and performance. BP3 is now expanding its consulting services offerings to businesses, following the acquisition of DigiBlu SA. The company is now perfectly positioned to deal with the increasing demand for Intelligent Automation, consulting with companies across North America, Europe, and Southern Africa.

This article will detail precisely how BP3’s expertise in process automation can help your business. From formulating the right automation strategy to selecting the right technologies, we’ll demonstrate how BP3 is the perfect partner to modernize and streamline your internal processes.

Introduction to BP3 Consulting Services

BP3 Global is already known as one of the top consulting firms in Texas, and following the acquisition of DigiBlu SA, the company has become a true powerhouse of automation consultation. 

BP3 focuses on improving business processes through Intelligent Automation, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Workload Automation. This means finding areas of business operations that involve mundane, repetitive tasks and implementing the right technology to free up human brain power and improve overall operational efficiency.

For over a decade, BP3 has given expert advice to business entities across various industries. Healthcare, financial services, manufacturing, telecommunications, hospitality, and travel are among the industries in which BP3’s business consulting services have helped to streamline operations. 

In any industry, there is always room for efficiency improvements. This has never been truer than today, as technological advancements in AI have opened the door to even greater automation of tasks and processes. Our business consultants stay up-to-date with the latest technologies to offer an adaptive approach and tailor-made solutions for every business.

The Three Pillars of BP3 Consulting

It can sometimes take some research to understand what you will get from professional services, particularly in consulting. To clearly define BP3’s consulting services, we describe them through three distinct propositions to help clients overcome business challenges through automation.  

BP3 Advisory: Strategic Business Approaches

BP3 advisory is about providing an appropriate business strategy to guide your organization through the transition to Intelligent Automation (IA). Our plans are bespoke, so the first step is fully understanding your company’s goals and objectives. Our game plan will be developed around what is important to you.

Once we are clear on the objectives you want to achieve, we will determine which technologies will help us get there. With an ever-growing number of technological options available, choosing the right tool for the job can become overwhelming. Our experts stay up-to-date with the latest technologies and are fully versed in which options are tried and tested to meet your needs. Our partnerships with some of the world’s leading technology suppliers allow us to quickly build custom apps for your business.

The next step in our advisory consultation is establishing Centres of Excellent (COEs). These will be the foundation for engineering, delivering, and operating the digital workforce. COEs will serve as the basis for managing and scaling automation within your organization. We will aid you in getting everything set up in your COEs, from governance to expertise.

The final element of BP3 advisory is managing the human element of the transition. Changing your systems to automated ones still requires input and understanding from staff. Roles may change within the company as RPA handles tasks that a human previously performed, and the remaining staff need to understand the technology to ensure operational readiness. Our consultants will provide various change management strategies to ensure a smooth transition into your new business vision.

BP3 Insight: Processes and Systems

BP3 Insight is centered around providing detailed opportunity assessments using advanced process mining tools. This data-driven approach starts by extracting valuable information from existing systems. Once we comprehensively understand your current situation, we will identify inefficiencies and areas for improvement. 

We will provide multiple recommendations for efficiency improvements, allowing you to prioritize your automation transition. These recommendations will come with practical solutions and robust business case examples. This level of detail will highlight the potential benefits and ROI of implementing automation in each area identified. Such information makes it much easier to secure stakeholder buy-in and corporate financing to implement changes. 

Our consultation doesn’t stop there. Our approach to reinvention through automation is a continuous one. We will provide scalable roadmaps with both short-term and long-term goals. We will also continue to track performance and strive for continuous improvement of systems by benchmarking against Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

BP3 Transform: Tangible Solutions

The final phase of implementing your automation solution is the design and build of the software. In this time of changing technological and business landscapes, we act quickly to provide solutions for companies ready to act and embrace change.

Our cutting-edge designs enable the streamlining and automation of your processes. The solutions we design are agile, low-cost, and delivered to help improve customer experience. Whether you are automating documents, decisions, tasks, or processes, we have the technological experience to provide a world-class solution.

Our solutions utilize advanced AI decision tools that can aid human decision-making. This technology improves efficiency and accuracy in areas such as risk management, financial forecasting, and advising project managers.

This technology also empowers customers through a more personalized user experience. Personalization might manifest as targeted product recommendations in an online store or a custom sign-up process for a new app.

BP3's Role in the Consulting Landscape

At BP3, we focus on delivering bespoke automation solutions for businesses, allowing you to run processes faster, more accurately, and cost-effectively. This requires our solutions to be accessible, easy to use, and agile in an ever-changing business environment.

  • Transform Operating Models for Agility: Transforming operating models to automated ones allows for much greater agility and control. Our control room makes operations easy. You have complete control over monitoring, scheduling, fixing, improving, and reporting. This level of control allows you to quickly change where you focus your attention while other processes are being carried out in the background.

  • Focus on Super Agility and Productivity Through Automation: By automating mundane and repetitive tasks, you create a digital workforce. This workforce consists of always-on, highly agile digital operations. Your automated processes can run on-demand or on a schedule that you set. This means you get the exact level of productivity you are looking for without deviation.

    It also means that when you add new processes, you don't need to hire or train new staff. The number of possible simultaneous processes is limited only by computing power. As all of the infrastructure is created in the cloud, this computer power itself is practically limitless. 

  • Accessibility and Affordability in Automation: We focus on rapidly implementing automation processes to save you time and money. This starts with quickly capturing requirements and identifying the most suitable processes. We aim to keep the design minimal, using no-code solutions where possible. This simplicity makes our automation solutions accessible to everyone, regardless of technical knowledge.

    Hosting automation solutions in the cloud means that costs stay low and keeps these services accessible to companies with various project budgets. You don’t need to buy and develop additional IT infrastructure to support your new ecosystem. Everything is available to you on-demand and remotely. 

  • Consulting Services for Enterprise Clients: Our consulting services take you through every stage of process automation. From the initial strategy formulation and technology selection to project and change management, you will have a team of experts leading the way. Let’s take a closer look at each critical stage of the consultation process. 

Strategy Formulation

Before formulating your automation strategy, we must first understand the overall business landscape and your current strategies. We will analyze how these strategies relate to your existing digital and IT plans and identify opportunities to improve business outcomes.

Our strategy formulation will provide the basis and context for the automation game plan we'll develop. This is why, from the beginning, we focus on the goals of the C-suite agenda. Targeting these objectives allows us to clearly define why automation is the correct solution to solve specific problems. 

From here, we can formulate specific targets, KPIs, and other metrics for judging success. We can also identify which areas to prioritize based on the strategic drivers for automation. When isolating areas for improvement, it is essential to decide how ambitious you want to be.  There are technologies available to automate almost any process, so you must consider whether you are looking for simple solutions or more advanced options. 

Technology Selection

Depending on the areas of improvement we identify, we will choose the right technology service to solve your problem. Our toolkit has a range of technological options, and our consultants will find the solution that best fits your needs and is the easiest to implement.

We will stick to a simple RPA solution for simple, repetitive tasks requiring automation. These tasks may include data entry, invoice processing, report generation, and employee onboarding. Using the simplest solution possible keeps everything easy to implement and maintain.

Of course, there are times when we need a more sophisticated solution and bring in artificial intelligence (AI). When we combine the creativity of AI with the automation of RPA, we get Intelligent Automation (IA). This technology has several applications that can help contribute to business growth. 

IA goes beyond simple data entry and document processing by understanding the content of documents. This can help a C-suite employee to quickly understand long and detailed reports in a fraction of the time it would take them to read them manually. In addition to summarizing documents, IA can use predictive analysis to make recommendations that can aid managers in decision-making. 

Pattern recognition technology can spot trends in data that can be used to automate processing, like fraud detection. This reduces the cost of employing staff to look for anomalies and increases the speed and accuracy of detection. Additionally, Natural Language Processing (NLP) can be used to create customer service chatbots, significantly cutting down on resources needed to offer high-quality customer care. 

Establishing Centres of Excellence (COEs)

Centres of Excellence (COEs) are internal teams built within your organization to manage and support your new automation technologies. They will streamline output, provide structure, and help to scale the latest technologies as your business architecture evolves. 

A COE comprises RPA, IA, and design specialists so that you have a complete team available to handle any issues as soon as they arise. This team will not only provide support but will also train current staff members to help bridge the gap between those with in-depth experience of your business and those with detailed technical expertise. Ensuring this level of cooperation and understanding is crucial when changing business models.

Change Management

Overhauling systems that may have been in place for a long time will inevitably cause some disruption within any business. To maximize the smoothness of the transition, BP3’s team will recommend change management solutions for your business.

We offer a custom solution for all clients, but some fundamental practices remain consistent throughout change management. You need to engage all stakeholders and employees affected by the change. Soliciting a diverse range of input helps to develop contingency plans once potential points of failure have been identified. 

Communicating the benefits of the change to all parties from the beginning not only makes the adoption of new technology easier but also helps staff feel valued, as they are included in the decision-making process from the start. Constant contact with staff whose jobs will be affected by the change improves the chances they will successfully adapt to the new process and remain motivated.

Leverage BP3’s Consulting Services for Strategic Success

If you are ready to modernize your company’s internal processes or customer-facing tech through automation, you want to make sure you choose the right company. BP3 has designed bespoke automation solutions for hundreds of the world’s most respected companies. With an unprecedented 99% success rate, you can be confident that we are the right people to guide you through your automation journey. 

To find out more about the custom solution we have to offer your business, get in touch today


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