My First One (BPM Conference, that is)

  • April 24, 2009
  • Peter

Note from the editor:  Peter has been working with BP3 for the last year and prior to that was a key member of his IBM Global Services team on document management software projects.  Here’s Peter’s inaugural post to our blog, following his first BPM conference – we thought it would be a good idea to share the perspective of someone who hasn’t attended so many of these conferences already… hopefully his first, and not his last, contribution to the blog! – scott.

After the conclusion of Lombardi’s Partner Conference, my first BPM-related conference, time has come to write a blog post. Rod Favaron’s keynote got me really excited about being in the BPM space, because I learned that Business Process Management was not only a job, but also a way of life. Lombardi’s goal was very apparent, they want to become the name-brand for the BPM space, the Coke of BPM if you will. Lombardi laid out the roadmap to achieve this goal; you need a platform for communication (Blueprint), a platform for execution (Teamworks 7), and the sufficient know-how (a strong network of partners).

There is a certain level of talent gap to this latter component of the roadmap, which seems to be restricting the extensive growth of a BPM market. A market that is tailored for our current dire economic times, where companies are looking to improve their business processes, to reduce enterprise costs, and to improve enterprise workforce effectiveness. By being part of BP3, the most experienced Lombardi Teamworks implementations team, I am thrilled to get a chance and fill in this talent gap.

My confidence in BP3’s team was reassured, while Jim Rudden of Lombardi was giving us a number of client success stories, and I noticed Scott quietly nodding and acknowledging that someone from the BP3 team has been part of each story Jim mentioned.

At the end of the two day conference, I walked away knowing that there is a stellar BPM market, in which BP3 can be a key player.

– Peter

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