MWD on OpenText + Metastorm

  • March 15, 2011
  • Scott

I was surprised the OpenText acquisition of Metastorm didn’t garner a little more attention in the press.  It certainly got less airplay than the acquisitions of Lombardi and Savvion received last year.  Maybe it is just a sign of how busy things are for the people who cover the space.

MWD recently published their take on the acquisition:

OpenText is no stranger to acquisitions, of course – its 2009 acquisition of Vignette being the most high-profile to date. But with key competitors IBM and Oracle now very firmly in the BPM game and pushing forward with investments to combine ECM and BPM capabilities for case management applications, it’s no surprise that OpenText would be on the lookout for a suitable BPM tools vendor.

That’s about how it reads to me, too.

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  • The Open Text/Metastorm acquisition didn’t garner much press from the BPM press because there was no press/analyst event that I am aware of. When IBM acquired Lombardi, analysts such as myself were invited to a teleconference announcing the acquisition and providing information. All I was from Open Text was a press release after the fact, which I tweeted but didn’t really consider blog-worthy.

    • Sandy – That’s really interesting regarding lack of analyst event. Of course, not being considered an Analyst I don’t get invited to such events, so I didn’t notice the lack 🙂 I do enjoy getting to see previews of tools and do writeups of what we see. But I don’t mind not being considered an analyst 🙂

      Have heard a few tough comments on opentext in the past but I don’t have any personal experience with them.


  • Wrong space. ECM is the death-swamp of BPMS. Too bad for Metastorm.