Model Validation Update from Bruce Silver

  • June 11, 2012
  • Scott

Bruce Silver continues to improve his BPMN model validation.  The key is that he focuses on correct syntax AND correct style.

OK, problem solved, right?  I still want more. There are still categories of errors that the tool does not catch:

  1. Incorrect merge semantics.  An AND gateway should be OR, or a multi-merge requires an AND or OR gateway join.
  2. Deadlocks.  An exception on one path in a parallel split-join block causes a deadlock at the join.  Usually the fix is to make the exception end state Terminate or Error.
  3. Loop within a loop.  A subprocess marked as standard loop contains an explicit gateway loopback in the child level.  This is not incorrect per se, but usually is not the modeler’s intent.
  4. Labeling errors.  My tool today can check for a label vs no-label, but without understanding English grammar (not to mention other languages) it cannot check that the label is appropriate for an activity (verb-object), message flow (noun), or end event (adjective or noun-adjective phrase).

Great work extending the state of the art for validation.  And surprisingly, I don’t see a lot of other people investing in this area. 

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