Making the BPM List, Checking it Twice

  • January 10, 2011
  • Scott

In a quick flurry of list-updating, the Process Cafe (aka Gary Comerford) has published a new “BPM Blacklist” of BPM bloggers and twitterers that he considers most-worthy of following (the top 10, as he puts it):

To qualify for the BPM Blacklist a blogger has to meet the following criteria:

  1. Blog regularly on the topic of BPM, BI or BPMN
  2. Produce good quality, informative posts
  3. Tweet, be tweeted or retweeted regularly.
  4. Has to be someone I read and follow

Criteria 1 and 3 are along a continuum. If someone hasn’t posted for a while but has been regularly tweeting good content then I can cut them some slack. Similarly if they blog a lot but don’t tweet regularly.

Of the available bloggers who meet this criteria I have then selected my top ten. This may not equate to your top ten.

His list includes some of the blogs I particularly like to read (Bruce, Adam, Sandy, the Ninja, Keith, and Max).

Marco Brambilla has published a somewhat longer list that I like better.  Maybe because our blog is listed in his results (!)….  Unless I missed it, they’re both missing Anatoly’s excellent blog, as well as John Reynolds’ more occasional posts on his Thoughtful Programmer blog (admittedly, he has a wider range of topics as well).  Perhaps we can get Jaisundar to post more on his Bouncing Thoughts blog.

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  • Dear Scott, thanks for the suggestion of Anatoly’s blog, I wasn’t aware of it. I find it definitely worth and I’m going to add it to my list (I’ll look into the others too).
    You see this will not damage the prestige of the other listed bloggers:). I don’t see any special need of a TOP-X list, I prefer a comprehensive one where the useful and authoritative resources of the field are listed, I think it’s more useful both for the practitioners and for the newbies.

    • Marco – glad you liked the link to anatoly’s blog 🙂 always happy to help connect good people and good resources!

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  • Jaisundar

    Thanks for the mention Scott! Reading your post over the edge of the table….Pulling up socks right now!

    • glad to hear i’ve spurred the latest blog post 😉