Lijit Searching

  • October 12, 2008
  • Scott

We added the Lijit (prounounced like “legit”) search widget (or “Wijit” using Lijit terminology) to our blog.  We tried it out in “beta” by putting it toward the bottom of the page but after using it for a while I think it trumps the default WordPress Search widget.  If you do a search in the widget, it will search our blog, as well as the blogs we link to via our blogroll, as well as the BP3 site and a couple of other sites we’ve added as high signal-to-noise ratio sites (e.g. the OMG site).

One feature you might not notice or use unless you click on it is the Explore feature – which let’s you see how the BP3 blog is tied into other blogs in a graphical way, and then in turn to follow the network to other sites.  This is one of the cooler features.  Regardless, feel free to check it out and/or recommend sites we should add to our search results.

Note the other interesting feature… If you come to BP3’s blog from a search engine result, Lijit runs a “research” using the same search terms to search the BP3 search network to come up with a set of related results specific to our content tree.  This is a pretty novel way to provide higher quality results if someone is finding useful content on our site through a more general search.  Give it a try by searching for “lance gibbs bp3” for example and then pick a result that takes you to the bp3 blog…

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