Working With BP3

CEO, Scott Francis explains what it means to work with BP3 and why that engagement is different from other companies.

Interviewer: Scott, thanks for joining us today. Today we're talking about working with BP3. In general, what does it mean to work with BP3? Why is it different?

Scott: I think the key thing that is different about working with BP3 is that we're really focused on customer success. Our customers experience working with us. And what that means we're focused on outcomes, our customers' outcomes, not just BP3's outcomes, and we really care about it. So we refer to our customers as clients because we have a duty to protect them, protect them from bad outcomes, protect them from all of the potholes you hit along the way when you're really trying to change your business and really improve your business. So that's our job.

Scott: And I think staying focused on customers has really served us well over the years.

Interviewer: So, Simon Sinek talks about this very popular video, getting to the 'why' of your business. What is the 'why' around BP3?

Scott: The 'why' for BP3, if you ask anyone at BP3, they'll tell you our whole purpose for being is to take care of our customers, and pretty straight outcomes for our customers. It is sort of funny when you ask them and you go around and ask people that question, how consistent the answer is, despite we haven't drilled it into their heads, right?

Scott: So that part of our culture is very consistent. It's come across in not just the things we say but the things we do, the policies we have, the ways we structured the company. All of the things we do really come out of that original idea of taking care of our customers. So its why we produced Brazos, because we wanted better user experiences for our customers. It's why we have our Labs Team, because we wanted to develop products and provide managed services for our customers to make sure they had a fantastic up-time production experience. And it's also why we invest so much in our culture and our team to really help our employees invest in themselves because that also creates great customer outcomes.

Interviewer: So do you have an example of something that was an outlandishly great customer outcome?

Scott: Well, we've had, there're quite a few. That's the wonderful thing about it. There are a lot of stories we can tell about great customer outcomes.

Scott: We had one recently with Carlsberg where they, in fact, did a great video shoot about their experience. They used Brazos, the Brazos Suite Portal 1 UI to produce a new set of tools for their sales people who go out to retail outlets and bring beer coolers which, who doesn't love processing beer, bring beer to these locations in Denmark and by moving the sales process to their iPads using Brazos, some leveraging business process technology, they were able to really transform the way they do that sales, and eliminate 90% of the errors that were happening.

Scott: So it's a process that drives from, I've talked about the sales person who goes out to the bar to deliver coolers and sell the coolers, but it also drives to the back office and to inventory management, so it actually affects the whole supply chain for those customers.

Interviewer: Well, 90% error reduction is a nice number.

Scott: Right.

Interviewer: Thank you for being with us today. And you can check out more videos about why working with BP3 is great here on this channel.

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