When to Use RPA Bots

RPA bots can be tricky, BP3 can simplify it for you.

Speaker 1: You can program an RPA bot to perform many different types of tasks from populating web forums to processing batches of invoices. You can do practically anything with RPA, but that doesn't mean you should do everything. There are two different levels of automation in RPA, mechanical and cognitive. Mechanical automations perform basic interactions with documents in applications. Examples include opening spreadsheets, clicking buttons, writing values to cells and sending emails.

When it comes to tasks that require human judgment, it's important to combine artificial intelligence with your RPA program. Scheduling meetings, validating claims, pricing products and services are all complex activities that require thought. These types of processes fall under cognitive automation. When you wrap such a process into a decision management service or add artificial intelligence, the automation can use a set of rules and equations to make the right choices as a human would.

We separate the mechanical and cognitive bot activities because they differ in levels of complexity. It is important to first understand the problem you're trying to solve and the processes that drive your business to make sure you pick the right solution to add efficiency and value to your company. BP3 gives people faster ways to get things done. We streamline and automate the processes that drive everything from customer experience to employee productivity. Click the subscribe button so you don't miss more videos on automation and technology here on the BP3 Global YouTube.

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