What You Should Automate - Driven 2018
BP3's VP of Digital Strategy, Matt Warta, summarizes his talks on automation at Driven 2018.

Krista- Thanks Matt, for sitting down with us. So you have a few sessions here at Driven but mostly they revolve around deciding what to automate and when. Can you give me a quick summary?

Matt- Yeah so the main themes of what we've been trying to portray to our clients and other colleagues out here today, is approaching automation thoughtfully and with purpose, right? So too many times we've seen the statements make automate for the sake of automation, but really to look at it and understand, what are the core capabilities that you're looking for in automation? Really understanding that and making sure that those are aligned around, what is the type of customer journey you want to provide to your customers? What's the types of experience you want for your employees? As well as how those align with your operational outcomes. And that you're gonna get more from automation by really understanding thoughtfully how those things all come together.

Krista- So, one question that keeps getting brought up at Driven is should I use RPA or should use DPA to automate this. What's your answer?

Matt- Yeah, it's a good question. Not one that I enjoy getting but I get it an awful lot. I think it's the wrong question quite frankly. I don't think it's robotic process automation versus digital process automation. It really should be how the two can complement one another. So, what we found is that using them both collaboratively, you're gonna get higher outcomes, higher value, and you're also gonna have a lower total cost of ownership in the long run than trying to just use RPA by itself, but really using it within the context of an overall value stream and understanding what the impacts that may be within an overall solution, right.

Krista- Well thanks for sitting down and taking some time out of your busy day and we look forward to seeing you again soon.

Matt- Great, thank you.

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