What Does Digital Business Automation Mean to IBM?

What Does Digital Business Automation Mean to IBM?

Watch now to learn what digital business automation really means to IBM, what that process looks like, and who it is helping.

Speaker 1: Thanks, Mike, for joining us today. So today, you're here as an IBM'er talking about what digital business automation really means to IMB. You guys made some big announcements in February of 2018, about bringing the portfolio together to really make business operations better. So why don't you tell me about that?

Mike: Sure. So first of all, it was a huge announcement for us. It was a really big change in what we were offering in the market and how we were helping our clients. Really what digital business automation is about is we want help our clients find new ways to scale their organization, and that's today's challenge for a lot of people. They want to reach new customers, they gotta find ways of personalizing their service, delivering it with better qualities of service, and they gotta basically find ways to make their people more productive. We wanted to really go after that problem and help them with that. To do that, by the way, we introduced, of course, a new technology to help them to do it.

Speaker 1: So in this grouping, we have content management, we have decision management, we have process management, we have robotic process automation. What all does this bring together for business?

Mike: Well, first, what we saw is, kinda what I call step one is, everybody was still finding new ways to digitize what they do. It's funny, you think we've been doing digital transformation forever for a really long time, but actually when you look where most organizations are, there's just tremendous potential to digitize what they do and people are constantly looking for better digital tools, if you will, to kind of go and operate what they do.

Mike: So what we did is we brought together the technologies, the key components, if you will, that really help them to digitize what they do. Each of these technologies has a direct analogy to what they do in their workplace and by bringing them together and making it easy to create solutions, we're making it easier to digitize what they do. I call that sort of the first step, right, make it easy to digitize. By the way, that thing is gonna feed the next step, which is to enable the use of the data and create intelligence and then intelligence is what's gonna help them to scale.

Speaker 1: Awesome. Well, thanks for sitting down with us today and we look forward to having you join us again.

Mike: Thank you.

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