VIDEO: Using iGrafx to Connect Strategy and Compliance

VIDEO: Using iGrafx to Connect Strategy and Compliance

Aaron Bozeman, VP of Sales at iGrafx, talks about his Driven 2019 session and how companies are using iGrafx to connect their business operations and compliance in highly regulated fields.

Krista White: Thanks Aaron for sitting down with me today and thanks for coming to Driven. So today you talked in your session about connecting people's business strategy with their compliance. Can you tell us a little bit about that and how it really works?

Aaron Bozeman: Sure. There's not a direct connection between strategy and business compliance. You've got to navigate there. First thing is to have a strategy around compliance, set goals for that strategy, set KPIs that will show progress towards your goals and then set measurements in your processes against those KPIs. Then finally providing transparency and a dashboard for your process owners to actually see how you're progressing against those specific KPIs and then that'll drive action and in operations.

Krista White: So you make that sound pretty easy. But how are people in reality using IGrafx connect business operations and compliance specifically in highly regulated fields?

Aaron Bozeman: Yeah. Well, they're doing those things that I just mentioned. But in addition to that, there are some other things to do. So the starting place besides strategy is having a process landscape. This is your hierarchal model of the processes that you say you do as a business, and from there, now I have a risk catalog. You can layer those risks or relate those risks into the process landscape so you know where your risks are occurring and now you know where you need to focus on in terms of controls. So identifying the controls that are going to help mitigate those risks and being able to now have all this information modeled so you can report on it. I've seen it in diagrams is a great visualization and it's great for one process at a time analysis, but being able to provide a broader report shows here's where our risks are experienced in this line of business or area of the business.

Aaron Bozeman: Those are risks specifically towards compliance or that relate to compliance and where the controls are, where your risk values are, where your risk values are after you've implemented controls. Frankly, there's no better way to control a process than automating that process.

Krista White: So we've talked here a lot about automation and robotic process automation. Where is IGrafx fitting into robotic process automation with this overall landscape of risk and compliance and process and discovery and navigation?

Aaron Bozeman: Yeah. Well, IGrafx comes in on the planning side. So you can do bot projects, you can do automation, end to end processes and do a fantastic job on those and get ROI and all that. But once you start to invest more heavily, how are you going to prioritize and stack rank that? We are going to do that with planning, enterprise wide or line of business wide planning. All these things that I just mentioned go into having a plan about where you're going to deploy automation efforts in bots and be able to govern those.

Krista White: Awesome. Thanks. Well, thanks for sitting down with us today. You can catch more of Aaron here on this channel. Make sure you subscribe.

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