VIDEO: 5 Components of Intelligent Automation with Waqqas Mahmood

VIDEO: 5 Components of Intelligent Automation with Waqqas Mahmood

Waqqas Mahmood joined us at Driven 2019 to talk about Intelligent Automation. In this video, Waqqas defines "Intelligent Automation" and gives us the 5 components.

Krista White: Thanks, Waqqas, for sitting down with us today. Today we're talking about intelligent automation. It's been something that has been thrown around here at Driven, you talked about it in your keynote session. Can you talk to me about what in your mind is the definition of intelligent automation?

Waqqas Mahmood: Absolutely, so just kind of like breaking down the components of intelligent automation, to us, it's about five components for sure. You're going to start off with robotic process automation or desktop automation, then you're going to get into more cognitive solutions, so things like AI, machine learning, natural language processing, et cetera.

Waqqas Mahmood: And then you go into more of the intelligent business process management tool, so things like Pega has a lot of those tools, part of their portfolio as well as UI path. So kind of having a workflow management tool integrated with the robotics.

Waqqas Mahmood: And then we're talking about data-driven, right? So where is the connectivity of that data coming from? It could be coming from chat-bots, it could be coming from any text messages that you exchanged with your customer. And last piece is around really kind of scaling it up to a level where you can have multiple bots working simultaneously on different processes, and you kind of manage the traffic there.

Waqqas Mahmood: Those four or five components to us is what makes up intelligent automation.

Krista White: So really connecting the five different pieces of what people could automate into a single intelligent automation. I love it! Where are your customers really finding the ROI in intelligent automation?

Waqqas Mahmood: I think when they are looking at disparate solutions, let it be RPA or let it be advanced analytics, I think they're just kind of going against the grain and figuring things out, so really combining those strategies, that would be a data strategy, an automation strategy. To us, that's a secret sauce, so I think that's what we recommend as well. Like when you're thinking just automation, then you're really limiting yourself with all the potential out there.

Krista White: Well, thanks for sitting down with us. You can catch more videos of Waqqas and more videos from Driven on this channel. Stay tuned.

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