Stories From My First Project

How do new consultants at BP3 train and prepare for their first project? In this video, Annie Diep discusses her first project and the lessons she learned. This video teaches you what to look for when you're just getting started.

Krista: Thanks, Annie. Thanks for joining us today. We're going to talk about your first project, which you recently completed I understand. What are some things that you learned doing your first project?

Annie: During my first project I found that it was incredibly important to focus on requirements gathering. It was a really, really big thing for us personally. When you take the time to understand what the customer's trying to solve, it can sometimes mean that what they originally thought they wanted fixed is only on the surface level. When you take that extra time, you can better alleviate those bottlenecks that they're experiencing.

Krista: Thanks. What got you prepared for this first project? Was there training that you did? Was there boot camp of some of sort? Did we throw you through the wringer? What was the best part about, or what was the best thing you did to prepare to go on your first project?

Annie: Actually I was afforded with a wonderful opportunity of working with John Reynold, and taking his class on an introduction to BPM. When I started out, I had some aspects of BPM and IBM BPM that I wasn't too familiar with. Through his thorough and detailed approach, I was able to expand my knowledge in this space. By taking that class, I had a more knowledgeable platform to really start the journey that I'm on today. Thankfully that's with the robust set of tools and consulting tips that really keep me at the top of my game.

Krista: Nice. I understand John, not to plug it, but his training is not available online for anyone who wants to go take it. Do you have suggestions for the next person who's going to be new to BPM?

Annie: I actually do. I think that a lot of people take process discovery too lightly actually. It's something that's very important, and it really ... You should give it the time that it deserves because if you're able to really understand what the customer needs to solve and what solution can really enhance what they're already doing, it will alleviate a lot of headaches down the road.

Krista: What kind of suggestions do you have for bettering process discovery?

Annie: Really make sure that you have all the knowledgeable experts there, your subject matters, your stakeholders, your process owner, and really figuring out how they do their tasks from day to day. Figuring out how they can do it better and getting rid of maybe excessive tasks that they already have.

Krista: Well, thanks Annie again for joining us, and we look forward to hearing about your next project too.

Annie: Thanks.

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