Robb Misso Talks About Organizational Culture

Robb Misso, CEO of Manufacturing Solutions, sits down to talk about the importance of culture in building a company.

Krista White: Thanks, Rob, for sitting down with us. So at your talk here at Driven, you're speaking about how the importance of culture really plays into the building of a company. Can you kind of give me your five-second take about that?

Robb Misso: Yeah, so from our perspective, culture is everything. So culture eats vision for lunch, it eats everything. So it really drives the success of a company, and you can really go through an organization and see how they treat their people, their customers, and their employees, most importantly, to determine their success as an organization. So we put a lot of effort as a company, and we put a lot of time into trying to grow a positive culture that really gives people empowerment, helps them drive ... be proud of what they do every day.

Krista White: Yeah, so you're the CEO. How does somebody who's not the CEO, someone from the bottom or maybe someone who's an individual contributor, or maybe just a leader of a small group in a large company, really contribute to the culture of their organization?

Robb Misso: So in an organization, culture does start at the top. So the leader has to really embrace it and embody it, 'cause you're always on stage. You're being looked at and they say "Hey, do you reflect the vision and the culture that you preach?" Throughout the organization, culture really lives at all levels. So if it's not embraced, if the vision and the culture doesn't connect through the organization, it isn't gonna work. So what we look at as a company, we turn the org chart upside down and I work for the employees. So when I look at the employees themselves and say "Look, folks, you guys really embrace this culture," and we have very transparent, very open conversations about how that culture affects all of us. We all put a lot of effort and time and work, we spend, a lot of times, more hours of our day in our companies than we do with our families. So, I mean, you've got to make it a positive place.

Krista White: And if people are positive, people are happy, the customers feel that, your suppliers feel that, everybody, it just works. It becomes a much more successful organization.

Krista White: Okay. Last question. I know you're a bookworm like me. What's your favorite one?

Robb Misso: So there's a ... it's interesting, there's a lot of books that I really like. The book that most recently that I've read, that actually somebody gave to me, it's, Gino Wickman is the author, and it's called Rocket Fuel. And it's really, it kind of takes organization and it looks at the different leadership styles with an organization, comparing a visionary to an integrator, and how important they both are to an organization. And I can say that I am a visionary, and you know, I run 1,000 miles an hour. If I was the only perspective in the company, it just wouldn't work. And it really helped me understand how important it is to have strong integrators to kind of harness, control me and keep me from just spinning off the axle. So it really talks about the team, the way the team works together, and it also talks about the importance of the different perspectives in an organization. You can have vision, you can have focus on where you're gonna go, but today you have to implement, you have to block and tackle, you have to make things happen.

Krista White: Well, thanks for sitting down with us and being here at Driven and speaking here at Driven.

Robb Misso: Well, thank you very much. I really appreciate the opportunity to come speak and be with you guys.

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